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Elafonisos seduces anyone who visits her. Whenever you come, there will always be something new to discover. The only island of Lakonia, 500 meters from the opposite coast, is one of the few islands that can be reached by road
Elafonisos is an ideal destination for nature lovers with rare flora and fauna. Tall dunes and rare sea-trees decorate all the beaches of the island. Come and experience the twin beaches of Simos and Sarakinikos that are among the best in the Mediterranean. Discover the secrets that lie on the other beaches of the island, each with its own beauty and uniqueness. At Panagia you can enjoy an idyllic sunset as the sun sets between its islands.
Explore the sunken state of the Bronze Age in Pavlopetri, sleeping in the depths of the sea and time. Lake Stroggili, a protected wetland of the area, is a refuge for rare species of migratory birds among them and flamingos!
Immerse yourself in the turquoise waters and let the sea tell you the history of the island of deer, connected with seafarers, travelers and pirates who found shelter in the hospitable beaches of “Smygos” island. Travel to the myths inspired by this beautiful place and follow Odysseus in his tour of the Cycladic Country, meet the Three Graces and Aphrodite, Paris and Helen Helen.
Cross the picturesque bridge leading to Agios Spyridon, a trademark of Elafonisos, and tour the streets of the island. Follow the suggested routes to get to the secrets of hiding the island or play in the sea with surf waves, wind surf and kite.
Accept the hospitality of the warm people of Elafonissos in one of the hotels or rooms to let. Talk to them and tell you wonderful stories from the unique Laponnesian tradition. Try the local flavors of Elafonisos in the restaurants and fish taverns or have fun watching the sea in one of the dozens of Café, Bar and Nightclubs.
Elafonisos awaits you to give you unforgettable moments and to enchant you!


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