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Municipality of Erymanthos
Legends, secrets, traditions, monuments and treasures in mountainous Achaia
The Municipality of Erymanthos is the main and largest mountainous area of ​​the prefecture
Achaia which gathers the secrets and legends of the two mountains of Panachaikos
and Erymanthos, taking them from yesterday and transferring them to today.
It belongs to the Region of Western Greece and was established with the Program
Kallikratis, when it came from the unification of the pre-existing Trithea municipalities,
Farres and the communities of Kalentzi and Leontiou. The extent of the municipality is
582.93 km². and the population of 8,877 residents according to its inventory
In the villages of Erymanthos and Panachaiikos, as well as the plains of Trithea
and Pharaus the visitor can feel the uniqueness of the mountain
of Greek nature, knowing about tens of places with natural beauty
have the wealth of Greek folk tradition in them.
A tradition that is associated with the Greek countryside, the peasantry and the country
livestock farming, labor for the land. But on this earth they emerged and
cultures and cultures have been developed since prehistoric times
and they reach the newer years.
This place always had life and was distinguished for its organization in
human communities, in all historical periods. So, the visitor to
The municipality of Erymanthos will encounter dozens of unknown treasures of the ancient
of Greek culture, but also of Byzantine history that will excite him.
Signs of Greek nature
– Miha – Tsapournia (Elatodasos – N. Komopigadi / Lacokoma
(Holiday Settlement)
– Koumani (forest – gorge, holiday village – Elliniko)
-Lautomates (Feet Springs – Cave Inlet)
– Rivava (Delta of Peir), Canaan – Lactomy
– Rakita (Leonidio Elatos (Holiday Village)
-Ovriokampos (small lake) Leontios
-Valmantera Elliniko
– Paralimni River (Platania etc) Spartia – Alepochori
– Climbing


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