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It was built by sultan Vagiazit the Second in 1499 across the castle of Antirrio, to control the passage from the sea, from the Ionian Sea to the Korinthian Bay, which was called “kioutsouk Tsanak Kale”, i.e. “Mikra Dardanellia”.

In 1532 it was occupied by the Spaniards and Andrea Doria, and retaken by the Turkish.  In 1603, the Knights of Malta caused considerable damage. In 1687, it was conquered by Morosini. There are drastic reconstructions and it is getting its current form: new towers, battlements, strengthening of the ramparts. In 1715 the castle is dominated by the Turkish, while in 1828, after a siege, the Turkish yield it to General Maison. Then, it is repaired and delivered to the Greeks and it is used as a prison for a long time. In World War II, the Germans established in the Castle.
Externally, the castle of Rio has the shape of an equilateral triangle whose northern corner coincides with the tip of the peninsula while the two sides are coastal. The south side, except for walls and towers, is also protected by a moat which used to get filled with seawater bringing the Korinthian Bay together with the Patraikos Bay.
Beside the castle, there is the Rion-Antirrion Bridge, while on the right and left there is the east and west ferry pier respectively. It is used for cultural events and it is accessible to visitors.

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