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One of the most important sights in Kalavryta is the Site of Sacrifice, which located at the hill of Kapi. It is east of the town of Kalavryta (500m away from the city center), on the way to Helmos Ski Center.

It is the site where the entire male population (14 years old and under) of Kalavrita executed by Germans on December 13, 1943.

Now in this area it is a great Cross, which reminds us this heinous crime. In columns that surround the central area are the names of the families of the executed. There is also a catacomb, which has as small hanging lamps as many families of the executed.

Next to the catacomb it is a stone sculpture that dominates the pained mother. This is a symbol of human enduring, which created by Anna Vafia. It is symbolize the women heroines of Kalavryta (Mother, sister, grandmother, daughter) who struggled to overexertion reinstall the totally destroyed city.

Every year on December 13, after the memorial service in the cathedral of the city leads the mournful procession to the Site of Sacrifice, where a memorial service celebrated Memorial Invitational.


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